Washing your hair daily

We often see online the question whether washing your hair daily can bring damage to the hair. So we did our own research and it mostly depends on your hair characteristics and lifestyle.

It’s usually recommended to at least keep one day between the previous wash so that your hair and scalp  can recover from the natural oil that has been stripped away. However if your hair always get quickly oily it won’t need that much time to reproduce it’s natural oil called: sebum.

Natural oil (sebum)
Sebum is being produced to protect your scalp and hair. It helps you with: locking moisture and  protection against bacteria + UV radiation. To make sure your hair is being protected the oils go onto each hair strand and make their way to your ends.

This process of coating the hair happens much quicker on people with straight thin hair, therefore they are also experiencing more often oily hair. Compared to people with wavy, curly and kinky hair where the oil has a harder time to make it through the ends of your hair because of the curl pattern.

Whether you have a dry OR oily hair you will have to find a balance in how often you should wash it. Oily hair usually means try to wash your hair more frequently during the week. And people with dry hair will try to postpone their wash day as long as possible.

Another good reason to wash your hair more frequently than usual is because of sport. If you sweat a lot while exercising your body will also spread more sebum. Therefore making your hair more oily and smelly. Unfortunately oils can’t be removed with just water only, try to find a mild shampoo that will cleanse the hair without stripping all your natural oils.

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