Hair tools


Hair tools

We created a list showing the most used hair tools by natural hair enthusiast with a reference to helpful video’s that will explain how to use them properly. With creating this list we also tried to only show the essential hair tools that you need at beginning of your hair journey. But you will notice that you still need quite a lot of tools for a beginner…..

That’s why this would be our top five essential tools:
1.Detangling brush or comb
2.Extra Styling brush (if necessary)
3.Spray bottle
4.Satin/silk bonnet
5.Diffuser (if airdrying is no option)

Wide tooth comb – (type 3) –
(type 4)
Afro pick –
Rat tail comb –

Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush –
Denman brush (styling brush) –
EZ Detangle brush –
Behairful brush – detangling – styling
Edge brush –

Spray bottle –
Diffuser –
Satin/silk bonnet or pillow –
Heat cap – (9:30)
Hair clips –
Scalp brush –
Microfiber towel (you can also use a old cotton t-shirt) –

So what is your holy grail?