What is my hairtype?

What is my hairtype and why is it important to know?

The best way to find out what your natural hairtype looks like is to air dry your hair after you washed it. Don’t use any hairdryer, styler or gel this could influence the texture of your hair.

After you have allowed your hair to air dry, you can better determine whether you have: 1.straight – 2.wavy – 3.curly or 4.kinky hair. Are you still not 100% sure? Check out our hairtype chart with various pictures of each induvial hair textures.

After you find out what your hairtype is the search filter will make is easier for you to find content based on your natural hairtype. Knowing your hairtype can help you with finding hairstyle inspirations, hair methods/trick/tips to try-out and finding a salon that has enough expertise about your hair.

Keep in mind that understanding what your natural hairtype is won’t help you by choosing the right hairproducts. Because you still have to know what your hair characteristics are to determine what kind of products you should look for. (density, porosity, elasticity etc.)

So what is your hairtype?