Hair texture


Hair texture

You probably already know what kind of hair texture you have: Fine – Medium or Coarse hair. However you can have a combination of textures on your hair. Through the years of touching and observing your hair you have gained enough knowledge to know whether your hair likes lighter or heavier products. Especially when applying a styler or gel to give your hair some extra hold.

Ask yourself this question if you find a product that says: especially for Fine hair! Would you be more or less interested?

From there on you could say my hair is fine but not all the way so probably a mix of Medium with some parts being fine. – OR – it is definitely more like coarse/thick hair and you have some parts that are more likely medium and your ends might be fine

Fine hair has the smallest width and is also the most vulnerable for damage when styling. Due to having a small width heavy products or too much product can easily weight the hair down and make it look lifeless.

– Use lightweight hair products

Avoid heavy oils especially the ones that are not water soluble.

Medium hair has the most favorable texture it’s stronger then fine hair and therefore not so vulnerable when styling. It also holds a style for a longer period of time.

– Try to find a good balance between low-heavy products🧴

ℹ Heavy products contain more often ingredients like: butters and oils

Coarse hair is of course the strongest texture with the thickest width. Your hair will look more fuller due to the thick strands it has.
It can hold a style as well but it can be sometimes more of a challenges to remain the style for a longer period of time.

Try mid-heavy weight products to find out what your hair likes the most

ℹ use a clarifying shampoo in case of possible product build-up

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