Your hair texture can change over the years?

True, your hormones are capable to turn on and turn off several genes that are responsible for giving you a certain hair texture.

At this moment scientists do only know that genes can influence the texture of the hair. But what they don’t know is which genes are all contributing to the hair texture and what those genes are exactly doing.

l Hormones are messenger substances l

As you get older your body starts to produce more hormones and during puberty you are experiencing the biggest changes. after puberty hormones regulate the body processes such as maintaining the skin and hair condition. As you slowly become older your hormone level decreases again what can cause your hair texture and elasticity to change. Normally this process begins with women at around the age 45 and with men around the age of 50.

Reasons why your hair texture can change:
3.Changes in nutrition (biotin, vitamin D/E/C, iron, omega-3 fatty acids)
4.Sun exposure

Although some people are experiencing that their hair went from straight to curly or from curly to straight throughout the years. This will not quickly happen by some ethnicities with their genetic genes.

-People with an African ethnicity will most likely have/remain curly hair
-People with an East-Asian ethnicity will most likely have/remain straight hair

However people with a mix of genes based on their mother and father’s ethnicity are more likely to see changes over the years.

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