Hair porosity

Hair porosity

This has always been a tricky to figure out because there is enough information about it but it still can be confusing. Porosity is the amount of water that your hair can absorb and retain. Based on how you have treated your hair in recent years, you can find out which one you have low – medium or high porosity.

Earlier this year we found Manes by Mell youtube video talking about hair porosity from a hairstylist perspective. And we think that this video is right now the most clear way to determine what your hair porosity is without getting to much confused.

Manes by Mell – how to test your porosity properly

We highly recommend you to watch this video because several porosity hair tests that you can find online never felt to us that they were very reliable

Porosity needs

Low porosity
– Deep condition your hair every 1-2 weeks. And use a heat cap or steamer for an intense deep conditioning.
– Avoid heavy products or oils
– Use a clarifying shampoo regularly if you are experiencing product buildup

Medium porosity
– Try to find a good balance in the needs of low and high porosity by observing your hair and look what your hair really needs.

High porosity
– Make sure to use leave-in products to maintain enough moisture in your hair
– Prevent hair breakage by using a protein treatment every 1-2 weeks to strengthen the hair
– Be sure to read more about using products with and without glycerin

Manes by Mell
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