The Hair type system helps you with finding the right products?


False, Although the creator of this chart (André Walker) later on used it to help his customers to choose which products were best suited for their hair. But the main reason why he created the chart was because he was working on his book: André talks hair. And at the time there weren’t any ways to identify hair types other than by race or culture. (0:00-2:56)

In order to find the right product it’s better to know what your hair characteristics are, this way you can better understand what your hair really needs.


Lately more naturals have shared their opinion about why they are not depending on this hair type system any longer. Reasons being is that it is not enough to understand completely your hair needs .

We (Diffry) believe that there is no problem to hold on to his chart as long as you know that it should ONLY be used to find other people with similar hair types.


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