Should you check the ingredients used in your hair products?

Short answer: Yes, Absolutely!

It can never be wrong to learn a little bit more about the ingredients that you are applying to your hair. The big benefit of understanding what sort of ingredients are being used, gives you as consumer a better idea whether your products will really live up to their promises

For example: if the label on the bottle makes promises like: Extra moisture for Dry hair! – you don’t want to find out that the product is included with: Sodium laureth sulfate, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or Dimethicone. As soon as you turn the bottle and start checking the ingredient list. The higher up the ingredient is listed, the more it is used.

In general you should try to avoid using certain type of ingredients: silicones, sulphates, drying alcohols and wax – non-natural oils.

Down below we shared a couple of links with more information about which ingredients you should avoid when buying hair products.

Studies on ingredients

If you would like to take it even a step further you could also learn more about the studies on each individual ingredient. This way you can find out for yourself whether you might want to avoid some ingredients based on the allergic/toxic concern rates. (personal preference)

1.If one of your holy grails is included with ingredients that we recommend you to avoid – then it is always up to YOU whether you should listen to us or not……If it works it works……I  guess? Especially if you are achieving the wanted results when styling your hair
2.Some people like to use ingredients that we recommend to avoid in their hair clarifying shampoo for a stronger hair rinse