Hair products


Hair products

Which products are really necessary at the beginning of your natural hair journey? We would recommend you to start with these four products:

1.Shampoo: You will have to make sure that your hair and scalp is being properly cleansed every week.

2.Conditioner: To bring back the moisture that has been rinsed off by using the shampoo it is important that you apply a conditioner into you washing routine. The conditioner will also be very helpful with detangling your hair without losing too much hair!

3.Leave-in conditioner: After rinsing of the conditioner as well. You still want to apply some leave-in in to your wet hair to make sure that your hair strands will retain enough moisture and still feel soft. (NOTE: some people will keep some of the conditioner on their hair and continue with the next step)

4.Gel/Styling cream: When the leave-in is well dispersed over your hair it is time you style your hair with a gel or styling cream. If you feel that your hair is always dry and is seeking for extra moisture then a cream styler could be the better choice. (NOTE: some people skip the leave-in if they choose to use a styling cream that will already give their hair enough moisture)

Gel: is meant to hold the hair with some conditioning
Cream: is meant to condition the hair with some hold

Read more about difference between the two: (Naturallycurly)

Down below we shared Bianca Renee YT video explaining: things you should consider when choosing your hair styler.

Did you know the difference between a gel or styling cream?