Hair density

Hair density

Hair density is all about the amount of hair per square centimeter on your head. The average person has around 100 hair follicles per square centimeter and loses around 50-100 hairs per day. This explains why some people who only brush/comb their hair once or twice a week are experiencing that they are losing a lot of hair.

How do you know whether you have low, medium or high density?
There are a few ways to find this out but we will recommend you to observe your hair by standing in front of a mirror, while trying to part your hair so that you are able to see your scalp. How hard was it for you to see your scalp through your hair? Because this is where your density plays a big role.

Low density
If you have low density it won’t be that hard for you to see your scalp whenever you run your fingers through your hair. Especially when your hair is completely wet it won’t be that hard for you to see your scalp from the side.

-Look for hair products that can give your hair some more volume when styling
-Avoid products that will weigh down your hair (no heavy oils or butters)

Medium density
When you have medium hair you will still be able to see your scalp with not that much effort whenever you run your fingers through it. But your scalp won’t be that much visible when your hair is completely wet. (except the parting at the top)

-Try to find a good balance between light-medium weight products

High density
High density means that the amount of hairs per square centimeter on your head is higher than the average person. Therefore you are probably also experiencing more struggle whenever you try to part your hair. The hair that you lose each day will also be less of a worry for people with high density.

-Lightweight products will most likely not be very effective. (Except when you have a fine hair texture)
-Make sure that you keep your hair more moisturized as it often becomes quicker dry or tangled.

Also with density you can feel like you have a combination of more than just one specific density.

But what if I have a fine texture and a high density OR coarse texture and low density?
Most likely this won’t be the case for most people. But if you do find yourself in this position we would recommend you to listen to your own beliefs or ask a professional hairdresser what she/he would recommend with your characteristics.

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