Going natural


Should you start your natural hair journey?

The only person that can answer that question is YOU. Going natural should stand for: Giving your natural hair texture plenty enough time to become healthy and beautiful. Because a lot of patience is being asked when your start this journey. Not everyone will have the same hair results in just a few months! People often focus more on volume and definition instead of the health of their hair. Healthy hair is an important basis for obtaining a beautifully defined hair texture.

What to consider when you start your natural hair journey

1.Will I have enough patience?
2.Why did I start this journey (it’s a life style not a trend)
3.What are my goals?
4.How much time am I willing to spend extra on my hair?
5.What is my budget on hair products?
6.Am I going to transition to natural hair or will I do a bigchop?

Make sure that you have the answers on those question! This will help you to stick with your natural hair journey when things aren’t working out yet!